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Otto (Spark Ignition) Cycle Template

UPDATED: 09/05/2022

This spreadsheet provides a template for analysis of the Otto (spark-ignition, internal combustion) Cycle. The user fills in the data in the top grid (from other software or table lookup). From that data, the cells in the second grid are updated, and Pressure-volume (P-v) and Temperature-entropy (T-s) diagrams are generated. If you use the thermal properties Excel add-in from CoolProp, then you can have the whole spreadsheet update whenever any input parameter is changed. This updated spreadsheet includes the capability of doing a sensitivity analysis. Turn up your volume before opening!

Template for analysis of the Otto cycle depicted as an animated GIF. State data is entered in the top grid, the processes are displayed below that and P-v and T-s diagrams are updated.
Excel template for analyzing the Otto (spark-ignition) cycle. The user inserts property state data into the top grid. The Process grid and P-v and T-s diagrams for the thermodynamic cycle are generated automatically.

Similar templates have been created for the Atkinson (similar to this Otto cycle, but with different compression and expansion ratios), Diesel, Rankine, Brayton and Humphrey thermodynamic cycles.


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