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Diesel (Compression Ignition) Cycle Template

UPDATED: 09/03/2022

This spreadsheet provides a template for analysis of the Diesel (compression-ignition, internal combustion) Engine Cycle. The user fills in the data in the top grid of state points. From that data, the cells in the second grid (processes) are updated, and Pressure-volume (P-v) and Temperature-entropy (T-s) diagrams are automatically generated. This workbook includes the capability of doing a sensitivity analysis.   Cells are color-coded to improve readability.

Excel template for analysis of the Diesel (compression ignition) thermodynamic power cycle. User provides property input at top and P-v and T-s diagrams for the cycle are automatically generated.

The Diesel cycle is commonly used in trucks and some cars, the latter especially in Europe.   Similar Excel templates are available for the Otto (spark ignition) cycle, the Atkinson cycle, the Brayton (jet engine) cycle and the Rankine (steam) thermodynamic cycle.

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