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Rankine Cycle Template

UPDATED: 09/04/2022

This spreadsheet provides a template for analysis of the Rankine (steam) thermodynamic power cycle. The user must fill in the data in the top grid (from other software or table lookup). From that data, the cells in the second grid are updated, and Pressure-volume and Temperature-entropy diagrams are generated. For best results download the handy Excel “add-in” from Coolprop. That easy-to-implement add-in provides functions for all the properties of water you’ll need in completing this spreadsheet (and those of 150+ other fluids as well). The logic is not much different that manual table look-up and interpolation – provide two independent properties, e.g., P and Q (quality) and the function returns any of the others (U, T, H, S, etc.) Once you have implemented these functions properly, then the whole spreadsheet will update whenever any input parameter (those having the green background in the screen grab below) is changed. This spreadsheet includes a VBA function that (assuming you’ve automated the property evaluations using Coolprop or something similar) allows you to run a sequence of cases automatically to assess the sensitivity of one variable, e.g., the cycle efficiency, to another parameter, e.g., the turbine inlet pressure.

With use of the Coolprop add-in, this workbook can just as easily be used for organic Rankine cycle analysis.

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