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VBA Functions for Properties of Air and Water as Functions of Temperature

UPDATED: 08/22/2022

Five state and transport properties of air and seven of water, all of which are functions of temperature, are included in this module. These user-defined (extrinsic) functions may be invoked in a worksheet exactly as are the supplied functions (sine, cosine, sum, etc.) and allow the design engineer to do multiple calculations readily without cumbersome table lookups. These functions were developed for use in the Sweaty Runner and Lister Bag projects. A discussion of the former project assignment may be found in: Ribando, R.J. and Galbis-Reig, V., “Convective Heat and Mass Transfer from a Runner Using Some Modern Spreadsheet Features,” Computers in Education Journal, Vol. VIII, No. 4, Oct. – Dec. 1998, pp. 22-28.

As with all items in the HTT software collection, the user is urged to verify the accuracy of these property functions before using them. The NIST Chemistry WebBook is an excellent resource for doing so.

Extrinsic VBA functions for thermal properties of air and water.

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