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Properties of Fluids Using CoolProp Excel Add-in

UPDATED: 09/03/2022

The workbook uses the Coolprop Excel add-in to compute thermophysical properties of a baker’s dozen of fluids. The user can then plot the saturated liquid and saturated vapor lines in one of four common formats.  These include: (1) Temperature – entropy, (2) Pressure – volume, (3) Temperature – volume and (4) enthalpy – entropy (Mollier diagram). Using the model of Coolprop’s TestExcel.xlsm, this new edition includes a property calculator that uses units and nomenclature more frequently encountered in the study of engineering thermodynamics (kPa, kJ, specific volume, etc.).  If you are analyzing a thermodynamic process or even a complete cycle, you can save the data returned by the property calculator and add it as another data series to the existing plot.

Interface useing CoolProp Excel add-in.  The user selects on of thirteen (13) fairly common fluids at the top.  The program plots saturated liquid and saturated vapor lines on the right. In the center the user can provide two independent properties and get a third one back.

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