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Mollier (Enthalpy-Entropy) Diagram

UPDATED: 08/19/2022

The Mollier Diagram provides a useful way of depicting states and processes in a graphical format. This workbook for water allows you to plot points (obtained using the CoolProp Excel add-in directly) on a Mollier-Diagram found online at engineeringtoolbox.com. In theory you could use the CoolProp functions to create your own Mollier diagram from scratch, but Excel won’t allow you to plot that complicated a data set.

Mollier Diagram (enthalpy-entropy) from Engineeringtoolbox.com, with data points found using Coolprop Excel add-in superimposed.b

The plot above is an Excel “picture” with symbols drawn at the appropriate points on it.   The latest edition of this workbook (August 2022) includes another depiction in which the EngineeringToolbox Mollier diagram is used as a “background” in an Excel XY plot.  This latter presentation is probably easier to use.

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