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DC Networks for Steady-State Conduction and Simple Radiative Transport Problems

UPDATED: 09/17/2022

This Excel workbook sets up equivalent network analogs both for steady-state conduction heat transfer and for radiative transport using the radiosity method for diffuse-gray surfaces.  

DC electric analog for a system consisting of three diffuse-gray surfaces. The green resistors represent the surface radiative resistance for that surface and the orange resistors represent the spatial resistance (functions of view factors) connecting each pair of surfaces.


Several numerical examples from both conduction and radiative transfer are included in this workbook.    One involves a model for conduction heat transfer in a convectional stud-wall construction.   Another analyzes the value of painting the underside of a roof deck with low emissivity paint.  VBA functions are provided so that the user can create a circuit schematic for a network of their own choosing.

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