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Velocity Triangles for Turbomachinery

UPDATED: 08/25/2022

This spreadsheet uses vectors available within Excel’s drawing tools for the numerical/graphical analysis of a single stage of an axial flow compressor.  The user merely needs to set up an array of four cells holding the x and y coordinates of the head and tail of each vector they wish to display.

Velocity vector plot for a single stage of an axial flow compressor made using Excel drawing tools. The rotor (tangential) velocity, axial (throughflow velocity), relative and absolute velocities are each displayed.  In this GIF animation the tangential and then throughflow velocities are being changed incrementally.

Here the tangential velocity is displayed as the blue vector and the red vector represents the throughflow velocity.   The relative (yellow) and absolute velocities (green) complete the vector plot.  Such a display can be very useful in a turbomachinery or jet engines course.

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